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Hey AutzStars so Autz journey has been wild and we understood your concerns at the beginning with mainly the bot that kept selling tons for profit! We want to ensure a fair process for everyone. We will be proceeding with the fork (Autz Version 2) which will take place Tuesday 8pm Est. We can blacklist that bot completely! But we will take snapshot the wallets of the holders as late as possible to give everyone time to adjust for the fork once airdrop successful we launch V2 Any purchases made 1hr to will be honored and airdropped in the fork. This gives us an opportunity to fix the situation with the bot and have no negative interruptions or implications for our community and investors. Plus we will be able to provide the best to you. So until then, its business as usual, and nothing will really change. Contracts are getting smarter and our dev team is as well so these new additions will also help us fund for marketing without having to use autz tokens for marketing 

This fork option has only benefited projects who needed to go this route

This is a huge win win for everyone and will push Autz in the direction we want

We are going to be using the original developer wallet: 


Please send your Autz tokens here by the latest at 6:59 pm Est Tuesday July 20. 

If you do not send your tokens you will not receive an airdrop. 

If you do not feel comfortable in sending your tokens to the developer wallet, then you are free to sell and buy later in the new contract. But keep in mind if u sell u will most likely buy at a higher price upon relaunch as our priority is to protect our current investors. We will sell the tokens and take the eth and add for the new liquidity pool, if we need to add more we will personally add the eth to match the current price. All tokens will be sent out before we launch the new contract.  We are here to stay and we will do our best to keep all of you happy, much marketing to come. together we will join Autz on the Top.

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