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Autz Token Introduction Overview Video

Make Giving Great Again!

Rewarding those that reward others.

Cryptocurrency has allowed the world an opportunity to redefine how society attributes value. AUTZ token leverages the powerful primitives of trust provided by public blockchain infrastructure & removes the pesky rent seeking intermediaries from the philanthropic ventures relating to the solvency of Autism.

Grow your portfolio by contributing to the solution of society’s greatest neural developmental disorders..

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Introduction Overview Video

what is






AUTZ is a tokenized cryptocurrency network specifically designed to provide a sustainable economic environment within the autism community.

The founding members of the AUTZ token project are all directly or indirectly affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Having this deep, personal understanding of how autism impacts lives, gave the team unique insight & an opportunity to structure an economic system capable of providing a sustainable fiscal environment for the development of solutions for ASD.


Based on a transactional fee distribution model; the AUTZ token has specifically designed its economic model to provide a positive value feedback loop to all holders of the tokens. 


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1 Quadrillion

1 Quadrillion Total Supply
30% Genesis Burn


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5% Tax For Charity Supporting Autism


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5% TAX from BUYS & SALES

Open Market Liquidity

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37% Tokens will be used for Open Market Liquidity through UNISWAP LISTING



During any transaction event, 3% of every transaction will immediately be deducted from the total amount as a fee & redistributed to all AUTZ token holder wallets. Token holders will receive amounts proportional to their asset weights; relative to the total circulating supply.

Doing good

Self Sustaining Community Incentives

The AUTZ token project has committed 10% of its token supply exclusively for supporting charitable causes & organizations. Regularly, over the course of time, the AUTZ token foundation will distribute this supply to organizations that are in need of funding. Everytime the AUTZ token project provides such funding all existing token holders receive a substantial boost in their holdings & likewise, whenever a token holder transacts the charity wallet receives its proportionate share of the transaction fee. Thus, every time good is done to one; good is done to all.

frequently asked questions

Yes. To participate in the token sale, refer to the specifications or the state of the public token distribution.

The AUTZ token will be made available for exchange across a multitude of venues;
DEX’s – Uniswap / 1INCH / Balancer …
CEX’s – Folgory / xxx / xxx ….

In order to become a member of the AUTZ token project & to receive the benefits of the network, all that is required is the possession of AUTZ tokens in your wallet.

If an organization wishes to join the AUTZ token network, they can simply write to us at [email protected] 

Every wallet with a positive AUTZ token balance will be entitled to 3% of every single transaction in perpetuity for as long as the balance is positive

The revenue generated for token holders through transaction fees will be distributed on a weekly basis..

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